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Splendensity Vol. 2

Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece
Release: 01/2016
Type: EP

GMO and Dense

Into A New Dimension


Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece

Release: 01/2018

Type: Single Track (VA)


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GMO and Dense are part of the „Relax Culture Vol. 1“ compilation. This track has been released before on their common album „Distances“.


Track list:

1.    Cayo Largo - I Don't Need Your Number

2.    Eguana - Puddles of Autumn

3.    D. Batistatos - This Road

4.    GMO and Dense - Into A New Dimension

5.    Zero Cult & Kerensa Stephens - Second Breath (Vocal Radio Mix)

6.    Tony Modi - Somewhere Beyond Life

7.    Potlatch - Daydream

8.    Side Liner - Calm Before The Storm

9.    Translippers - Ocean

10.    Kick Bong - Above The Tree

11.    Cydelix - Coupled Key

12.    Dedast - Sierra

13.    Stimulus Timbre - Ambient Pathways [Part 6]

14.    Translippers - Water Spring

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(Cosmicleaf Rec., 03/2018)

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