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Splendensity Vol. 2

Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece
Release: 01/2016
Type: EP




Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece

Release: 03/2018

Type: Album


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(link leads to label site)

Dense is back again with a new downtempo beast. Slow tempo chill trance with feelings and atmospheres that invite you for a new sound experience. 


Track list:

1.    Circulating Carpet Ride

2.    Garden Of The Future

3.    A New Life

4.    Moon Crater Four

5.    My Religion

6.    Echoes From San Ibé

7.    Ganeshas View

8.    Herd Instinct

9.    Free Your Mind

10.    Charlottenburg

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(Cosmicleaf Rec., 03/2018)

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