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Splendensity Vol. 2

Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece
Release: 01/2016
Type: EP


Melophorm, part 1


Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece

Release: 10/2017

Type: EP


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Dense, one of the most productive and in focus German producer, delivers us his new project series, Melophorm. Stomping and crystal production through his chillgressive signature style, sharing positive vibes and generating pure dreams to listeners. Trance influenced vibes, atmospheric pads, grooves, vocals partly, ingredients that lock you in repeat listening and tickling your ears! Get detail information or your personal copy on the Cosmicleaf Rec. website and enjoy.


Track list:

1.    Salvation

2.    Licking Dry

3.    Watersteps

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(Cosmicleaf Rec., 03/2018)

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