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Daydream (Dense Remix)


Label: Melusine Records, Romania

Release: 12/2016

Type: Single Track (VA)


you can buy this release - link leads to the label's shop site

(link leads to label site)

Melusine Records continues the series of charitable work for the unprivileged and abandoned children living in orphanages from Constanta. The team wants to bring some hope and joy for the children in institutional care. 

All the money raised from the selling of the „Ascending“ compilation, accomplished with the participation of several local and foreign artists, will be donated to them. 

This compilation contains songs in various genres (ambient, psybient, psydub etc.) carefully selected by E-Mantra (Emanuel Carpus).

Dense appears with his remix of „Daydream“, what was produced by E-Mantra, original release on his album „The Hermit’s Sactuary“.


Track list:

1.     Lauge - For Evigt Og Altid

2.     Logical Elements - Flower Nebula

3.     Olexa - Miss Spring

4.     Ancient Core - Caracatitza Cuantica din Oceanul Mecanic

5.     E-Mantra - Ascending (Live Version)

6.     Lifebloom - Rest in Self

7.     Reasonandu - Immerse

8.     Metamorphosis & The Adaptive - The Long Way Home

9.     Cabeiri - Uranus' Seed

10.     E-Mantra - Daydream (Dense Remix)

11.     Saranankara - Awakening

12.     JaraLuca - Spiritual Transformation

13.     Ascent & Argus - One Day in India

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